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The sixth day of creation and Chakrabyahu
Jatinga Ityadee
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BY- Utpal Mena
Review   Date : 11/5/2012 12:00:00 AM
The sixth day of creation and Chakrabyahu



Some hazard shots of unstable time .... just now two gunmen shot a person on the road and left him dead. A young lady committed suicide. Nights are wild....... Those who are busy with dancing and singing take glasses of wine in their hands seems not to bother about all these. --All these incidents connect a single character. The name of the character is Gautam Baruah. In about 10/15 minutes of lenght by observing the mathematical sequences and understanding the language of camera People could easily know that Gautam Baruah is a Journalist. As he couldn’t share the same feelings with his Wife Sibani, now they’ve got separated. Manasi is the only child of Baruahs, who is torn between her parents. Suddenly one day she disappeared. By investigating Gautam baruah came to know that she was drug adict. Already started a battle against drug abuse Baruah finally could able to save his child and Gautam-Sibani again united. How drugs have spoiled the new generation of the society is the theme of the Movie "Chakrabyahu" The first and last movie of director Pranjal Saikia!


The Sixth day of creation- name of an Assamese Film. This is also the first movie of Deepa Bhattacharya.

In this movie the director Bhattacherya commented "Earth a planet of the Universe.. men are the creation of the earth. The earth is still hot, flooded, that is why every one is trying to create an earth of his/her own. Isolated these earth don’t have my Window..."

The director, who also wrote the story, Screen play and dialogue at first didn’t take the them seriously. She only cared on the playing of colour. Only there characters are in the film - Bishal, Manasi and kashyap. Lonliness takes people to vacuum. There is no creation in the vacnam. When lonely Bishal meets Manashi, he wants to see in the eyes of Manashi the hollowness, agony and dissatisfaction of life . On the screen we see Manashi is not able to climb the rocky mountain while this is a violent dust storm. In the day paddy field she weeps times to console herself by embracing the trunk of the of a chopped tree. After some sequences we see that the hero Bishal feels Manashi could touch the muddy paddy field. The field became green, even the chopped tree gets greenary. In every sequence camera plays the vital role. Along with the nature even the costumes of the heroine gets colour. The third character of the movie is materialistic. After this, the materialistic businessman kashyap comes to the scene and starts everything breaks down. The villain of all creation Kashyap started destroying every new creation. Towards the end of the movie Bishal wishes -let a new earth born, to make people painless. But when will come " The Sixth Day of Creation"!


Indian cinema is rapidly changing for last three years Perticularly in those films which are directed by the new directors. Mainly the changes are of his kinds first is the subject matter and the second one is of treatment. Another relating change is more pressure is given on subject matter instead of the story. To walk on this new track of Indian film one has to be able enough to find the previous track and should be able to select shots and use them in mathematical way. So the directors must be well versed in their field. The first sign of the changing of Indian Film is its speed. In Assamese film "Bidhata" can be called the first film of its type. Ofcourse, the director couldn’t neglect the The story completly Later the charging movement can be seen in "HEPAH". Lastly "Chakrabyuhu" and The sixth day of creation come made thi typy of movie. At first bith the director of these two films made the film in right way but as they did not give up the love of the story, so finally the films became nearly T. V. serials. In "Chakrabyahu"the film went off the track arter the character got involved with the story. It can be seen after 10/15 minutes of footage dialogue got more inportance than the language of the camera. In the same way after Kashyap came to the scene the sequence of " The sixth day of creation" broke. With the magic movement of Mrinal kanti Das camera the film become lovely but when drama got importance every effort was spoiled. Dialogress of the movi were also of standard. Now the question is wye" Chakrabyahu" and " The Sixth Day of Creation" become msuccessful? By seeing the sequences of the films, the weakness in technical knowledge of the directors can be seen . As they cannot take the risk of using the largeness of camera, they could not leave the story, The character composing and song composing of "Chakrabyahu" was out standing. But layer on the blance between the shot compose and character could not be maintained same case in with the film " The Sixth Day of Creation" is partianlarly is the last sequence it is very distinct.  

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