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BY- Utpal Mena
Report   Date : 10/20/2012 12:00:00 AM
A film for Biju Phukan

 Now, the assamese films are facing the worst condition in the local market. But the number of various films are also not less. Suddenly it can be said. The notable thing is that much of the directors of the films are new for the big screen. They are busy with the work of big screen with the camera of small screen and it becomes possible for the technical improvement. Apart from technical side, picture quality, a question that raised to me is that , how  modern is the thoughts of the recent directors are? To make assamese hero’s image like cowboy or to take shot of the action scene like bollywood style can not be said as modern thought. Recently, which film I have seen , the director  portrait  the same picture as the new thoughts. And I have met the new directors who have shown me also the same picture in the name of new thoughts.

I have not met Biju Da for a long time. The evergreen actor Biju Phukan. Once I asked him “You have spend a long time in the assamese film successfully. After that journey do you have any wish that could not be succeed. In any character in which you want act at present?” I can not get direct answer. Instead of giving answer Biju da has risen an another question, - “ I feel confused to understand a thing. Why assamese heros and heroines can only act in the character of new heros andf heroines parents, when they are being aged? The bollywood directors of new generation have made main character by choosing Amitabh Bacchan and Hema Malini. Than why the assamese directors donot make character  by choosing us?” I have not  the answer of this question. The answer  may be find by the directors, who are busy in the film world at present.     

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