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BY- Nayan Prasad
Report   Date : 11/7/2012 12:00:00 AM
Film Maker Dr Bhupen Hazarika




Collogue Sanjay Goswami narrated the story. He was then staying at Kolkata. Suddenly one morning he heard every here Bhupen Hazarika’s songs are played in the music systems. There are flag-size cutouts in the street corners. Goswami was shocked at the sudden incidence. Later by asking some one he came to know that Dr. Hazarika has been selected for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award—the most prestigious award of the Indian Cinema. Because of this news the people of Kolkata celebrates like this. They showed their heartiest greeting to their beloved artist. 
In Assam also there was atmosphere of joy. But at the same time there started some controversies also-- Is Dr. Bhupen Hazarika appropriate enough to receive this award; he must have some political backing which is why he could achieve this award; for some other, Hazarika received this award because no one from the north east received this award etc. 

People who criticized Hazarika’s this achievent probably thought that the Indian film meant only Hindi film, so the stars of the Hindi film industry may get this type of prestigious award; but a man like Hazarika who is solely related with the regional films should not get this type of award. These critics can't think that beyond Hindi film industry there is a vast portion of regional films in India. Still there are a number of film personalities who really deserve the Phalke award. For example Abiram Sarma, a renowned film make of Manipur deserves this award. He is the man who almost his own effort took the Manipuri Cinema to the world of Cinema. But people who do not aware about the activities of Sarma may raise question if he is also selected for this award. Of course, he did not make any Hindi film, may be the popular stars of Hindi Films do not know him. Is this is disadvantage! This type of criticism often found because comparatively the market of Hindi film than any other regional films is vast. Hindi films are shown everywhere in India.

Singer, lyricist and composer Dr. Hazarika is a man of deep heart. His personality as a music creator suppressed his identity as a able film maker. Probably the new generation does not know that he had made seven films in Assamese language alone. Even on behalf of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh he made a Hindi film namely “Marii Dharam Meri Maa”. Apart from these he was the music director of Assamese films like “ Piyali Phukan” (1954), “Dhumuha” (1957), “ Kencha Son”, (1959), “Maniram Dewan” (1963), “Khoj” (1975), “ Kanchghar” (1975), “Cameli Memsaab”, (1975), “Palasar Rang” (1976), “Ban Hansa”, (1977), “Banjui” (1978), “ Akan” (1980), “Aparupa”, (1982), “Angikaar” (1985), “ Sankalpa” (1986), “Maa” (1986), “Yuge Yuge Sangram” (1986), “Pratisodh” (1987), “Priyajan” (1993), “Paani” (1995) and a Bora film “Cmimang” (1987). As music director he directed 27 films of Assam. For his contribution to Assamese film he received Dada Saheb Phalke Award. As director before selecting a theme for his film Dr. Hazarika critically examined the theme. While the story of Assamese film was based on historical and mythological events Dr. Hazarika made “Era Batar Sur” a totally musical film. In this film we see the hero roams around the cities in search of musical notes. Dr. Hazarika was also inspired by the Neo-realism trend started in Italy. This film reflected his feelings nicely. He made “Pratiddhani” in 1963. In this film the relation between the people of hilly region and those of valley became the central thing; but still it reveals a nice love story. With Manik Raytang he made the screen play on a Khasi folklore. His another film “lati Ghati” (1966) is a film made in trend of film within film. Probably the audience at that time could not understand properly the sharp satirical tone which is why the film was not well accepted. Brajen Baruah’s “Ito Sito Bahuto” is another such film. That is why both the films can be called as the films ‘Ahead of Time’. The “Chik Mik Bijuli” (1969) is a film where Dr. Hazarika pictures the life style of lower class people in the society. Similarly in “Man Prajapati” he pictured the life style of some people who worked in a circus party. 

Dr. Hazarika is a man master of many fields. For him songs are his life and the lyrics and its tune are his breathed air. That is why even though he thought about making films; still he could not work on it strictly because he probably did not have so much patience and time to spare for making a film. That is why he became much interested in music direction rather than film making. He was such a careless artist for his future that he even neglected the offer of India’s prestigious ‘Rajasree Production’; who offered him to make five films serially. But Dr. Hazarika did not bother to go ahead after making the first film. Later he was closely in link with films but retired from film direction. As music director, he even created history in Hindi film industry also.

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