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BY- Manash Pratim Dutta
Report   Date : 11/7/2012 12:00:00 AM
Item Number

  Some people are busy like warrior at Jyotichitraban’s floor to make an amazing set for a film. Famous choreographer of Assam, Jini Moholiya has directed the set and the scene. Some boys and girls are ready to perform at the scene. It has been being ready for the scene from noon to evening. The seen has been hidden behind the hill of the west side of the Jyotichitraban.A foreign dancer was on the floor to give shoot for the scene.Jini Moholia say-“Mumbai’sdancer Erina Chrobest is originally from Ukraine in Russia. The Belle dancer Erina has lastly performed in the super hit Hindi film Raudy Rathor.It is her first step towards Assam.Erina,after writing the song of Bobita Sharma, in English and listening to that music, has prepared herself for the shot. The set was ready. Krishna saha was standing on the floor after preparing the camera jinni Moholiya start her direction. The song has sung with a sensational tune. The dance has started though music. For the taking apart of the dance Dinesh das, Khajan Nath, Nural Choudhury, Subhas Mudok was ready with costume. He say-“It is an entertain room of Maffiya.Looking around the set I found some bottles of wine kept on the self.Jyoti Prassana Bhattacharya has prepared the set. Now the scene has started. The Assistant dance director, Rakesh Boro has become. Busy.Jini Mohaliya has started the shooting. It is the environment of the shooting of the item song of John Mohaliya last film Mahasamar.I asked the director about the budget of the film. He says-Its almost 50 lakhs.the item song will coast 4lakhs.

Ratul das has played the role of hero. Heroin is Aaymi Baruah.The main character is a forest officer.Dipak kumar Nath has played the role. He also wrote the story and script. The film is consisting of much of the suspense along with thriller. The shots have taken from various forest, because, the story is going forward with forest. Krishna saha has taken the shots and the unit gone tochatiya (Diplonga), mati Pahar, Itakhola, Tezpur, Tepechia.for the film. Some of the shots are taken in the Jyotichitraban.It has totally 5 songs and the shots have taken in the beautiful location of Twang for the songs.thefilm, make in the banner of sidharth Tele film, acted by other actor actress like Arun Hazarika,Atul Pasoni,Junu Baruah,Barnali Nalicli.Dance director is Jiri Moholiya and the music director is Diganta Sarmah(Maina).The singer of the film are Santa Ujir,Kollol Barthakur and Pruejanka Bharali.

According to the producer, for the moving forward of the script it has included one romantic couples character. But the film is serious. Main story is going forward by the character of the forest officer. Each of the forest officer was released to Maffiya before his arrival in that place .He is only who does not mix with them.Some other people of this place are also help him. They exchange their name with the various kinds of the trees in the forest. They fight against the mafia group. Who have also taken the local police under them to protect the forest?

The forest officer has prepared the local people. With his won strategy of art of fighting against the Maffia group.



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