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BY- Utpal Mena
Report   Date : 11/5/2012 12:00:00 AM


Othello! A name which is related to yearly drama. I like world famous Othello along with another Othello (Suppose to many of the people like it). Tapan Das’s ‘Othello’. I like to read the novel again and again. I want to know that – Hemanta Kumar Das’s Othello related to Tapan Das’s Othello? ‘No’- “The writer of the story and the script of my film is Ranjit Sharma”. Director Das replied. Yes, Hemanta Kumar Das started to make a new Assamese film, ‘Othello’. It has also an English name – “We to have our Othellos”. The main object of this film is the strategy of directing. Step is chosen by the use of ‘cinematic landways’. Its becomes perfect by the choosing of shot, song and acting. So, it should not say that the film will be the best. But we may which that. Dreamed for a good Assamese film. Which and dream – is the primary starting. No doubt, the basic of this film is well planed. Because, the script writer is Ranjit Sharma. It is not to be mentioned. The reason for wish and dream will be clear if we see some of the films of this script writer Sankalpa, Ektrish June, Boivab, Nisidha Nodi, Raag-Biraag, Mimangsha etc.

Now, I come to the theme of the ‘Othello’. The director says- Some of the lamely characters of the city will forward the story of the film. The story is consist of love-like, politics, terrorism, get-lose etc. Main character is 70/80 years old. Some times the character lose his memory. The main female character is 60 years old. In past time she is a terrorist. Trisha Saikia will be acted in this character. I can not give more news than these. I have discussed with Hemanta Kumar Das about this film on 30 July. Now everything is digitally going on in the world of make film with Red cameras and other good cameras. But Hemanta Kumar Das has chosen the ‘Super Sixteen. He says about it, either red camera or any other good cameras are not used for the whole film. Those are used by some good director for some can not be found with other video cameras’.

He also cleared that now a cinema will not complete with the budget of 30 lakhs. After investing a huge amount, the director and producer are facing the problem of market. It can not be imagine to invest and eared 30 lakhs for an Assamese film at present. So, the director will think about the festival market.

He believes – ‘If the director will proceeds through his own view, the cinema will be the perfect. The film make by the heart of the director also get the place in the heart of the audience, I belief. I wish that if it will make properly it touch the heart of the lovers of the world cinema.


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