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I don't act for glamour
Tag : Utpal Das
BY- Utpal Mena
Interview   Date : 11/5/2012 12:00:00 AM
I don't act for glamour


I don’t act for Glamour : Utpal Das

• Utpal Das has put on the ‘Glamorous’ dress because of ‘VCDs’ and ‘T.V serials’ and the ‘Cinema’ has utilized this glamour.
Utpal Das: Firstly, I have not acted for glamour. Yes, I have got much chances to act in VCDs and Mega T.V serials and audience accept and love me for those roles. I have touched the audience by my acting in those VCDs and serials.
• You believe it or not – the strength, which help you to reach the audience, that is the ‘glamour’. Now this glamour is wanted to use by the producers of mobile theatres. When will they get the chance to use it?
Utpal Das: I have got many offers from the producers of the theatres. But I don’t want to join them and haven’t decided till now.
• After ‘Dhan Kuberor Dhan’, ‘Janmoni’ and ‘Ramdhenu’ you have acted in ‘Rod’…
Utpal Das: I believe , it will be good film. For the first time I have played such a role, the central character of the film. Gautam Baruah has made the story line and all the characters perfectly. I have acted in three get-ups. The story of this film is an exceptional one as Assamese film. The plot revolves round a few characters and each character has connected with me. He has not made any character just for footage. Each character comes to the city to find out a little sun rays. I can say that audience will love this film.
• Is there any extra ordinary in this film?
Utpal Das: I can’t say about it. It will be justified by the audience and film critics. But, I can say that the film has been made in a very beautiful location with perfect characters.
• At present you are being popular among the audience for ‘Tumi Dusokut Kajol Lole’…
Utpal Das: Its directed by Rajesh Bhuyan. Rajesh da has shown his perfection in each and every work. His works are most popular. Frankly speaking, I always ready to work with Rajesh da. Both of us match easily. 



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