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  Professional Qualification: B. Music (Bhatkhande University)
Add: Nigazipam, Ambikagiri Nagar, Ghy-23

Achievements (General))
1. Learnt  classical, vocal and passed B.Music under Bhatkhande University.
2. A radio artist of  "Sugam Sangeet" since 1966.
3. First of the B-High grade artist of A.I.R, Guwahati for Sugam Sangeet and Folk songs of Assam, approved by M.A.B. in the year 1972.
4. Stood first in Bhajan and Assamese Modern Song in Inter School and Inter College Music Competition during school and college days.
5. Perform Bhajan for Gandhi Prarthana on 2nd Oct. every year.
6. Featured twice in the National Programme Of  Regional Music of All India Radio in the year 1972 and 1978.
7. Was offered a special programme "Ramya Geeti" by A.I.R. Calcutta to be sung in Bengali in April 1994.
8. Honoured by the Press Club Of Assam as Chief Guest of the month on 31.10.1999.

Public Performances:
1. In front of Hon'ble Presidents of India, S.Reddy, R.Venkataraman and Sankar Dayal Sarma at the time of their visit to Assam.
2. In front of Hon'ble Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi when she visited Assam for inaugurating the Gandhi Mandap.
3. While the new capital of Assam at Dispur was inaugurated.
4. World Piece Festival in Calcutta  in 1972.
5. I.P.T.A. Festival in Jaipur in 1978.
6. Solidarity Meet held in Calcutta in 1983.
7. India International Folk Music Festival in Calcutta in 1993.
8. In Inter State Cultural Exchange Programme in many places of Punjab etc.
9. Was invited to U.S.A. (New Jersey, Chicago, Indiana Polish) during 1993 and U.K. in 1996.

Films, Gramophone Records and Cassettes
1. Performed main role in the Assamese  Film "Matir Swarga" in class X.
2. Rendered more than 40 songs in Assamese Films.
3. Recorded more than 150 songs of various types such as folk, traditional devotional songs of Assam, Sugam Sangeet etc. on gramophone disc by H.M.V.
4. More than 250 songs have been recorded in about 40 different ca