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  1. Underline Scrolling of Message
a. 1JC

Rs. 8,000/-

b. 2WK

Rs. 4,400/-

c. 1WK

Rs. 2,400/-

d. Daily

Rs.    400/-

  2. Greetings : (Per Day)
a. Full Screen

Rs. 850/-

b. Scrolling Rs. 350/-


  3. Full Screen Advertisement
a. 1JC Rs. 20,000/-
b. 2WK Rs. 11,400/-
c. 1WK Rs.   6,000/-
d. Daily Rs.   1,000/-

1. Duration of advertisement in manners not more than 30 seconds.
2. Materials for full screen advertisement to be provided by the advertiser.
3. All advertisements shall be carried 8(eight) slots a day.
4. Rates are valid for a period of 1 month.
5. Payment are to be made before advertisement is carried.

6. J C stands for journey cycles, 28 days makes 1 JC.
7. Week starts on Monday.
8. Regular Ads will not be screened during live shows and Assamese
9. Please ask for a visiting card or an authorisation letter before doing any
10.Please obtain a valid bill and money receipt.
11.Cheques / Demand Draft should made in favour of Chitrapith payable at  Guwahati.