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Now, the Manju Bora is said to be a busy director among the Assamese directors. She has recently completed the ‘Missing’ film ‘kahyad’.We can know that she has already taken the work of an another film by the story of Basant das and it based on a famous novel of Abdul Malik.Now she is busy in Assamese film ‘Baralar Ghor’as an adviser. The good news is that-In between the business this director will be direct an animation. The name is ‘Sarbanakar Sankardev’.It is basically make to introduce Sankardev in the foreign countries and to give knowledge to the young generation about him. The animation film will make by Sanjib Narayan.The 90 minutes long animated film technically produce by Kaleidoscope(Kolkata).Music director is Tarali Sharmah.Dilogues and research are by Pravat Das.According to the producers-along with the Assamese the animated film will be make in four languages .We wish that-from this good news we will get some other good news. Because the director is Manju Bora.Manju Bora has some special place in the market of film festival. so, they wish that the animated film will be able to take place in the marke
t of film festival.

Jollywood Journal

The news of Assumes heroin act in the film of south Indian director is not new .It also not new that the south Indian producer makes Assamese film .A south Indian film was make with Rimpi Das .But not yet the Assamese audience have seen it .Is it released An Assamese film acted by Zatin Bora ,Jadumani Dutta and Gittawali Rajkumari in the main charecters was made by south Indian producer group .But this cinema is not completed till today… Is it possible? Apart from that we get the news that a producer group of south Indian have again started to make an Assamese film .This film will be comedy and it will make with the marking thoughts .now, we can not give the actual news of this cinema .Just we can say that Uptal das will be acted as the main hero .wished that the film, produced by the south Indian producer will be complete.