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News date : 11/29/2012 7:05:24 AM
Gupute Gupute - Cinema about a Cinema


A producer of ‘Ujonir Dujoni Gavoru’ is- Amal Baruah. The producer of ‘Baakor Putek’ is- Amal Baruah. The Director of these two movies is Chandra Mudoi. Tarali Sharma, the noted Singer and Music director has announced that the Amal-Chandra pair is going to make the third Assamese film. Is it true? In a time when a producer is not encourage to produce a second film or does not wish to do work with the same partner, Amal Baruah and Chandra Mudoi’s third film!! The news is true. Because director Chandra Mudoi has even declared the name of the film ‘Gupute Gupute’.

I happened to meet both Chandra Mudoi and Amal Baruah in last 3rd July. Amal Baruah has said about an Assamese movie produced by him and directed by Chandra Mudoi that- “I am a lover of Cinema, that is why, I produced film. It is not for economic Profit. If the investment, that is returned, I feel inspired. I have made ‘Ujonir Dujoni Gavoru’, directed by Chandra Mudoi, which earned success. The investment for ‘Baakor Putek’ will be return back. So, my belife for Chandra Mudoi has grown up and I want to produce ‘Gupute Gupute’.” The economics of ‘Baakor Putek’ is that- the film the film cost 25 lakhs. Another 5 lakhs were invested in other matters. The business of cinema hall is 10 lakhs. Some money will come from the touring hall, satellite rites and other side. According to the producer, if the invested money returns from every side they don’t think it a loss. Here, we have discussed these things in various number in the context of some economic benefit of the Assamese film. In this regard, the question raised in mind if it is possible to make an Assamese by 5 to 15 lakhs? “For me, it is a absolutely not. One has to invest 27 to 30 lakhs for an Assamese film”- Amal Baruah’s direct answer. Chandra Mudoi also expresses the same.

Chandra Mudoi has been asked what is the secret of ‘Gupute Gupute’? He said, ‘the story is based on heroine. The character of the heroine is a naughty and open minded girl. Her character has made for every kind of audience. The character of the heroine will be shown by way of humour. The hero is a ruff and tuff, police inspector…’

? Who will perform? 
: Yet to decide. I have chosen Angurlata as a heroine. But it is not possible. When we start working on the film, she will be busy in theatre. As many of the heroines are busy of the mobile theatre, so, we may have to thing for a new heroine. (Yes, Barasharani Bisoya, Prastuti Parasor and many of the heroines will be busy with mobile theatre instead of Meghranjani, Jupitara Bhuyan, Aaimi Baruah …can any one of them be the heroine of Chandra Mudoi’s new film)


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