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News date : 11/6/2012 7:55:19 AM
Mayong (Not A Love Story)

Once , when met Utpal Barpujari in New Delhi I asked – “The step after the film journalism is film direction. Are you thinking about the film direction?’Something is thought about this topic.’- he replied. But I able to from his inner circle that he thinks about cinema….Adil hussain acted etc. After some months of that I have got the news that Utpal Barpujari is busy with the work of a documentary. On the Subject : Mayong’s Jadu-mantra and before some days I knew that the documentary has censored. The name is “Mayong : Myth / Reality”. It is no doubt that the world film critics can able to know about Assam’s amazing / famous mayong. The argument of the thinking is that as a film critic Utpal Boprpujari knows about the world film market. So, the documentary will reach to this market easily and wish that it may gain respect for us. We also wish that he may directs feature film and attract the audience of film festivals.

We have seen the trailor of the documentary Mayong. We can feel through the trailer that the director does not make the documentary for purpose to give data only. The work of the camera is perfect. Seeing the trailer , one of the director of the assamese film said – “It is a documentary film. Not a big one. So, after making of an assamese film by Utpal Borpujari, you will show your encouragement.” According to him a documentary never tell about the perfection of a director. But, I will say – “Documentary is not a small work and not so easy. It is too hard to showing some data with the help of the camera in a attractive way.

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