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News date : 11/6/2012 4:31:02 AM
Tumi Jodi Kowa and Baralar Ghor

Munmi Kalita and Satyen Sarma are inside the frame of the camera. Munmi has been seen in a completely new get up. Instead of a simple village girl she has been seen in the get up of a unsteady  city girl. As soon as the director Simple Gogoi has said , “Action….”

Satyen Sarma : You don’t sing , then why the guys are following you.

Munmi : Dad you don’t understand, I am a member of this band ….

It is the environment of the assamese film “Tumi Jodi Kowa”, which is now in the floor and the first adventure of Simple Gogoi for the big screen. Already the director has praised by the film critics for his works in the small screen. In between the taking shots in the location of Birubari , we have wanted to know about the film from the director. The director said –The film is about song and band. But before came to this subject the film is consist of the stories of friendship , misunderstanding, love etc. The subject of music will be come in the middle of the cinema. Though the film is about music , the story will be proceed through the friendship. This film has not any hero or heroine. Each of the character has equal importance. Ranjan Dutta, Rupam Sarma, Munmi Kalita, Jupitora Bhuyan, Prasenjit etc are acted in the film. There are six songs in the film. Zubeen Garg, Ananya, Dikshu, Stutima Basistha Have sung the songs.

Now one of the film which shooting has going on is ‘Baralar Ghor’. The shooting is going on in the Tepechia under the direction of Mani C Kappan . Manju Borah is in the side of direction as an advisor . When we reached the floor Utpal Das, Nipon Goswami, Bishnu Kharghoria, Biki, Lakshi Borthakur and Devasmita Benarji are giving shot. We can know from Manju Borah that already the shooting of the songs are completed in the location of Shillong and Cherapunji . In the story of the film humor is the importance thing. In the direction of  a south Indian music director Tarali Sarma and Devajit Saha have sung in the songs of this film. In songs direction is given by Bappa Ahmed and Dipak Dey. Here, the important  thing is that the producer and the director of the film are not assamese, but south Indian. The associate director Jiban Dawka said,”Their method of working , directing are completely different from assamese people. So we worked very hard. But I wish that we wil be success and the audience will get a good film. Utpal Das said about the story of the film : He went to west Bengal for doing a job after getting the degree of MBA. There he fall in love with a local girl of west Bengal and married her without his family permission. Once when he took his newly married wife to his home the main problem has came. He has not dare to introduce his wife to the family members. His father is a very steady person. And the big problem is that his elder brother and one of his uncle is unmarried till now. The only female member of their house is his mother. His mother wants daughter in law as soon as but his father never understand. So, he takes his wife to their home as a maid. Then the amazing story of the film begin.  

Manash Pratim Dutta    


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