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News date : 1/23/2013 6:00:27 AM
Recent Condition of audio album market in assam :


On December last week of 2012, a study was carried out by Rupaliparda.com on the market of assamese audio and video CD. As in the year of 2012 many assamese audio album were released, such as “Henguliya” by Tarali  Sarma, “Rock” by Zubeen Garg, “Patidin” by Anupam Saikia, “Canvus” by Diganta Bharati, “Suma” by Nayan Nilim, “Priyanka” by Priyanka Bharali, “Khoj” by Sreyalaxmi, “Tomar Prasangsat” by Anindita pal etc. Again recently Manash Robin releases a album named “Putola”. In the year 2012 many other audio album like poem recitation were also released.

But the real scenario of the market as told by CD seller and marketer is very poor. The market recessed upto 80% as compared with the previous year, said by he marketer and distributor.In the whole year the “Rock” album was selled upto 15000 to 20000 copies. The collection of Bhupen Hazarika’s song’ album also selled upto 15000 copies. The audio album of the movie “Rowd” selled upto 6000 to 7000 copies. “Henguliya” audio album also selled upto 6000 copies.Again the poem recitation album of Dr Amarjyoti Choudhury selled upto 2000 copies . The collecction of old assamese song’s audio CD selled upto 2000 to 3000 copies in this year .

In this study, the marketer and distributor Sangam Music, RMC, Wave and many other sellers were participate. According to them the business of bihu album is very low. And now the highest limit of selling of a assamese album is 18000 copies.

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