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News date : 1/19/2013 5:28:44 AM
7...unplugged (Assamese first unplugged album)


Nilotpal Bora , one of the young assamese talent in the field of music who is going to produce the first unplugged assamese audio music  album in February 7. The album titeled as 7…Unplugged which will released under the banner of TERAKOTA production. This production recently release another popular audio and video album , named “Dhemali”. The album which contain seven songs which are tuned, composed and sung by Nilotpal Bora. The lyrics of these songs are written by Sasanka Sameer, Santanu Rowmuria, Manash Mahanta and Nilotpal. Many assam and Mumbai based musician performed music in the album . Mumbai based internationally acclaimed flutist Humto and famous guitarist Jitu Thakur also perform music in the album. One of the song also arranged by Mumbai based assamese young talent Anurag Saikia. One of the promotional video of the album also released in youtube.com , which is directed by Mumbai based art director Rishi Pullah. Before releasing the album received a huge response through Facebook, where  more 1000 people visit and liked the page created on the name opf the album. Nilotpal Bora who Show his talent by creating very hit music in the assamese mega serial “Tumi Dusakut Kajol Lole”, working for last 5 years for the album 7…Unplugged.  

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