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Silent! Shooting is going on...

By- Manash Pratim Dutta


A room of a hotel. The room shows how old the hotel is. The sooty room is making as like as Kashmiri design. Two men are sitting in a very cold weather, on the both side of the table, which is on the middle of the room. The manís, wearing hot jacket, face shows the expression of a shoulder. Another person has long bard. As like as Rabindra Nath Tagore. Both of them are busy with discussion. Sometime they become excited and-One starts to speak against another. Then again their discussion is going on as usual. The big bard man asks another how the stories of his life are happen. Why he has left the service of shoulder and used to live in this old room of the hotel. The smoke and the speeches have turned the environment of the room into another way.

Much of these environment has got the lives by the touch of several director artist in this room, Its not just a room, but a huge hall. In the language of film-the floor of the Indoor studio. Jyoti Sitraban has filled with much of the persons related to cinema. Now everything is alright, the shooting is going on with the red camera, which is become popular in the Assam at present. But the two charcters are speaking the Hindi language. Bhargav Saikia, the boy of Biswanath Sariali, Bhargav, who has learned about the production in the institute of Subhas Ghai, before sometime, made a production company name, Lorien Motion Picture íKafiron Ka Namazí is produced by him.

According to the producer, the main story of the film has three characters. One is the retired army officer by being courtmartial, who has been living in a old hotel in Kashmir, secretly. A writer comes to know the story and reach the hotel to meet the ex-officer. Another character of the whole story is a band artist. There is a radio in this room of the hotel. Its a non living but plays an important role. There are no other character in this film. The film is making with the stories of these three character and their releases. Some of the experiences of that army officer and the picture of North East are reflected by the film.

Alok Chaturbedi the artist of Mumbai, Meghpant, and Bupalís Chandra Harsha Tiwari are acted in the film íKafiron Ka Namazí. Though, the film directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma is acted by the artists of Mumbai, the assamese young boy Bhargav Saikia is the Producer of the film. Jyoti Sankar Bhattacharya is the Director Artist in the floor of Jyoti Chitraban. The outside shooting of the film is completed in the Kashmir. Director-Producer proceeded in various different thinking about the film. Many songs are included in the film. But it is noticeable that there is not any dancing style included in those songs. According to Producer most of the artistic strategies are used in representing the songs. In one of these songs shows the thinking of a shadow. The singers of the films are Usha Utthup, Sukhbindar Singh, Javed Ali, Chalis Ali and Najin Arshad.

Translated by-Mani Kankana Medhi